Grandpa’s last will

Testamento del Nonno

The wealthy businessman, scientist, and world traveler, Gherardo Asinelli, has died under mysterious circumstances Luckily, he’s left behind a multi-million-euro mansion, business empire and life savings to you, his heir. The problem is you’ve only got 60 minutes to find his will before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing.

For reservation choosing the date, hour and the number of challangers.


  • 2 people: 50€ 
  • 3 people: 60€ 
  • 4 people: 76€ 
  • 5 people: 90€ 
  • 6 people: 102€ 
  • people: 119€  
  • 8 people: 128€

Please, be on time. We suggest that you meet your team before your booking time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the game will start without you! Being late may affect your game experience  as other teams are waiting to begin their game session after yours.

For same-day bookings please contact our Staff on +39 342 1447223 to verify availabilities



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