If you’re looking for a special gift idea or if you just want to share an amazing experience with someone you love, the solution is in a click!

With our gift voucher you just have to choose who, and we will provide to send you the voucher via mail within 24 hours.

From the moment the voucher is received, it’s possible to choose the room, the time and the day  on our site www.secretzone.it  or by calling our staff at 0514071127 or +393421447223

The voucher will expires in 6 months and it wil be possible to add other players paying an additional cost directly in our structure right before starting the game.


Il tuo nome (richiesto)

Il tuo numero di telefono (richiesto)

La tua email (richiesto)

Messaggio da scrivere sul voucher regalo

Inserisci il numero delle persone che parteciperanno

Inserisci i nomi a cui vuoi regalare il voucher


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