The”Associazione degli Enigmi” was created with the aim of promoting contemporary culture in Bologna. It offers a new type of live-action game (Secret Zone) where the players are locked in a room and must investigate the clues provided in order to plot an escape route. Inspired by movies as well as video and board games, the game challenges players to use logic and reasoning to solve the various puzzles and.. find their way out!

An exciting experience to bring out your best qualities as you test your ability to deal with stress, fear, and all kinds of challenges. The reward? Triumph when you finally solve the mystery!. You may choose between three different rooms: Grandfather’s Last Will and Testament, Museum Warehouse and The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. Our rooms are full of clues locked safes, secret passages,, and hidden surprises. Your objective? Open the door and escape in time. Are you ready?

The time limit for all games is 60 minutes.

The maximum capacity for each room is 7 persons.

Players under the age of 16 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

If you get stuck, one of our expert game masters is there to help you and make sure that
your game session is a fantastic adventure!

Once you’ve finished, remember that there’s no point telling others the answers to the clues, as they’ll only beat your times and leap ahead of you on the leader board.
Instead, try to bag the title of fastest team.
So, give yourself a taste of adventure and book your session now.

To participate, players must first register with the Associazione. Upon arrival at the site, players will be asked to fill out a form. Minors must have parents or legal guardians sign in their stead. Personal data will be treated with utmost confidentiality in accordance with privacy laws (D.lgs 196/2003).

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